Godeval vineyards

The winery has been expanding its plantations over the years but always following the same philosophy of looking for slate soils with slopes and south orientation. First vineyards were planted between the 70s and 80s by the founders of the winery, on the slopes with steeper features of the region in the area of Xagoaza. The average age of the vine plants is above 15 years. A good part of the vineyards are oriented towards the South, thus ensuring the sunstroke that leads to a perfect maturation. The inclination of the ground and the slaty floor guarantee a good ventilation and health of the grapes. From the first vineyards planted on plots such as “Liebres” and “Pancho” wines are made with very special characteristics such as the Godeval CepasVellas and the Godeval Revival.


Godello variety typical aromas are fruit (peach and apple), floral and herbaceous, with some anise flavored and peppermint nuances. The godello variety concentrates its characteristics molded by the Atlantic climate with continental influence and by the slate soil in which the vines are settled. The palate is especially pleasant, with a balance between the sweet sensations that bring body and volume, and the acid flavors that give freshness, in addition to some mineral notes provided by the slate soils from which it comes.
The Godello grape, in addition to its extraordinary aromatic potential, has a marked lactic character that produces wines with a very wide mouth, exquisite and with enormous personality.

Our climate

Valdeorras area where both the vineyards and the winery are located enjoy an Atlantic climate with a marked continental influence. The average annual temperature is 11º C, with absolute maximum of 33º and minimum of -5º.

The annual precipitations are of the order of 800 to 1.000mm. Between March and September, Valdeorras has mild or slightly high temperatures, with a predominance of dry and sunny weather. During this period, rains caused by Atlantic fronts sometimes appear, which can reach 200 or 300 mm of precipitation.

Maximum temperature



The soil in which the vines are located comes from Ordovícicas slates. It is a substrate as characteristic as suitable, because it retains little water, facilitating drainage, and therefore stimulating a great development of the root system in depth. The dark tones of these soils work out well the absorption of solar radiation, and accumulate a heat that is released at night, propitiating a proper ripening of the fruit and sometimes producing mists that are beneficial.
All these properties provide an excellent development of the vine and, in short, allow to obtain wines of great complexity and high expression.

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