It is a white wine with around 13 degrees of alcohol, monovarietal, where godello variety expresses their characteristics modelled by Atlantic climate with Continental influences and by the slaty soil where the vines set. It´s a young wine, aromatic, of which always taste another glass.

Tasting note

Green tinge colour with nacreous glints. It possesses an excellent and powerful bouquet. It is deep, elegant and reminiscent of tree fruit.
On the palate it is light, soft and pleasant. The sharp and sweet touch of this wine makes it very personal and balanced, with a marked structure.

Wine pairing

This wine can be enjoyed with seafood, fish, lighter meats, mushrooms and mild cheeses. Served around 6-8º degrees.


Available in 75cl bottle.

Viña Godeval Old Vineyards

It is a white wine, approximately 13 degrees alcohol, monovarietal that evolves well in the bottle and improves with the passage of time. It comes from the godello grapes selected from the oldest vineyards of the winery and with a vinification process in the presence of their own lees for about 5 months in stainless steel tanks. It is a full wine, with body, that surprises from the first moment and remains in the memory.

Tasting note

It has greenish yellow colour with golden tones, medium intensity aroma, clean, enveloping with hints of ripe fruit (apple, melon and pineapple) and fine herbs of the field (fennel and mint). The palate is especially pleasant, with a balance between the sweet sensations that bring body and volume, and the acid flavours that give freshness, in addition to some mineral notes of great complexity provided by the slate soil from which it comes; offering a set of long and pleasant sensations.

Wine pairing

This wine should be served at 8-10 º Centigrade. Harmonizes with seafood, fish, poultry, hunting, mushrooms and creamy cheeses.


Available in 75 cl bottle.


Godeval winery presents this limited edition of 6,600 bottles, resulting from a selection of grapes from our emblematic vineyard “Pancho”. It is one of the oldest vineyards, marked by its special slate soil and microclimate within the Atlantic continental climate which affects the Valdeorras region (Ourense). Godeval Revival manifests all the aromatic and gustatory components of the Godello varietal, once the grapes have undergone a cryo-maceration process. During the past 3 years, we have defined the parameters of its collaboration with a research project in cooperation with the organisation EVEGA (Enological and Viticultural Galician Station).

Our vineyard

Our vineyard, known as “Pancho” is situated on the right side of the valley, crossed by Sil River, with rows of vineyards orientated to East-West and with a southern exposure. This vineyard is situated on a sunny slope, with a special microclimate that provides a good ripening and healthy development of the grapes. The soil and subsoil consists of 100% slate.

Tasting note

The colour: dressed with yellow and many green hints, is friendly and fresh to the eye. The pronounced aromatic intensity gives it a great personality.
On the nose: in addition to the aromatic intensity and, great personality, the fruity flavours, including citrus, lime, pink grapefruit and notes between herbaceous, citrus and ginger, give this wine great character. In the background appear white fruit, water pear, apple and exotic hints of stone fruit like peaches. Hints of fennel, bay leaf and mint also appear.
On the palate: certainly speaks its intensity, persistence and balanced acidity. It is silky and enveloping with a great aromatic finish and a slight bitterness. Over the years it will provoke a wide range of sensations.


Available in 75cl bottle.


Traditional spirit

It is monovarietal liquor, elaborated from godello grape bagasse and with our own distillation system. Awarded with a lot of awards, is liquor that presents colourless and crystalline to the sight.

Coffee liqueur

Coffee liqueur is obtained from godello variety liquor. It is marinated with high quality Arabica coffee and vanilla. It is a pleasant liqueur and great aroma.

Herbal Liqueur

Herbal liqueur is elaborated from the liquor that we elaborated with godello grape bagasse and then made a maceration process with different kinds of herbs. Time of maceration gives it a pleasant and tasty palate.

Monastery of Xagoaza

Aged spirit in oak barrel

This aged spirit is obtained from the liquor that we elaborated with our godello grape bagasseand then, aged and matured in oak barrels for 12 years at the winery facilities inXagoaza Monastery

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